Satya = Truthfulness

Whenever I focus on the Yamas and Niyamas, it brings light into my life. Yesterday, it got really interesting after I wrote those affirmations on Ahimsa. In particular I kept thinking of the one that said “I’m other-centered rather than self-centered.” It supported me in my interactions with my overtired child when it was time for bed. I was able to put my “story” aside and just focus on her, and it eased her behavior. Ahimsa is a practice.

Today’s Yama is Truthfulness, my namesake. I chose the name Satya in 1998. I’ve notoriously spouted the truth my whole life, and I guess there was a lesson I needed to learn. (I’m still learning!) Plus my birth given name, Nichelle, with an “N,” gave me a lot of trouble due to the spelling. My mom was clever in naming me after the actress Nichelle Nichols who played Lt. Uhura from Star Trek, though.


Here are some affirmations for Satya:

I have the integrity and humility to realize that the truth is bigger than me.

When talking to my child, I ask myself, “Am I speaking the truth, or just giving my opinion?”

I choose not to gossip with my child.

I use my words to elevate my child, and in the process I elevate myself.

I make time for silence in my daily life, and it enables me to better control my outward communication with my child.