How I came to practice Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Yoga never lets me down. It’s always there for me whether I’m present or not. What got me hooked on Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy was how it kept me “in the moment” for the entire session. In just one session I learned what was really eating at me and I was able to apply what I learned in my life immediately. My ability to take a step towards understanding a troubled relationship helped me to break a negative communication habit. This improved my relationship immensely and instantly.

As one of my clients remarked after a session, “It was more work than taking a Yoga class, but in a good way.” She explained, “In a yoga class, I still find myself getting distracted, checking out or just going through the motions.” However, when you’re in a Phoenix Rising session someone is literally supporting you in a yoga pose, right there with you, and wholeheartedly listening to what is happening with you, right now in your life, right at this moment in time. When you are receiving a Phoenix rising session you “work” within yourself to show up because it’s completely for yourself. It’s rewarding work and it leaves you feeling seen and heard, not by the therapist but by yourself.

Another client, who had no expectations about Phoenix Rising, and just wanted to try something new, said, “Phoenix Rising works so much better for me than meeting with my therapist. Because I was able to move around, I could actually feel what was happening in the moment. I could feel my body, articulate what was happening and then suddenly I realized that I don’t want to apply for a masters degree after all. What I really want to do is take a training in teaching yoga to kids who have special needs.”

Finding meaning in life isn’t alway easy but it’s proven to be necessary if you want to be happy. In my 20+ years of practicing and teaching Yoga and Meditation, I’ve found Phoenix Rising to be the most effective technique for finding meaning in my life and assisting others to find meaning in theirs.