I think of my senses and the input that all five of them endure on a daily basis. My ears hear sounds of traffic and various whining and humming that I’m probably not even aware of. My eyes view this bright screen for hours per day. My mouth, talks, talks, talks, and eats, eats, eats ???? throughout the day. My skin and nose constantly work to eliminate what I’m breathing in from the environment, pollutants and pollen, etc.

Think about what it would be like if you had a barometer for your senses…what if you could check in on your sensory input like you do for your computer or cell phone battery life, to see when it’s time to recharge? Or the ink levels on your printer that tell us when we need to change cartridges?

The thing is…we don’t! So why not give your senses a break each day? Practice closing your eyes and your mouth, resting your ears and your skin, and breathing through your nose.

This is what Savasana is for. Recharging our senses. Here is an audio of a Savasana for you to try.

Step 1:
If you have a cell phone, put it on silent, not vibrate!

Step 2:
Find a comfortable place to lie down on your back, on the floor, couch or bed.

Step 3:
Give yourself some cushioning under your knees or your head. Cover your eyes.

Step 4:
Get comfy, listen to the audio and then just lie quietly until you feel refreshed.