Class Rates

Over the years Whole Yoga has strived to keep yoga classes affordable. Why?

We strongly believe that yoga and meditation should be accessible to everyone. If you don’t find our rates affordable, please speak with Satya and work something out so that it’s possible for you to attend classes that work with your budget.


Sliding Scale Pricing

Our sliding scale pricing allows for greater accessibility to attend Whole Yoga’s live stream yoga classes from the present to Dec. 31st,  2020. 

We believe the sliding scale provides a greater sense of community.

Come practice with us!


* Supporter Level – You align here if: you own property, have savings, can pay for ‘wants.’

*Supporters cover the true cost of service and help cover the costs for someone else who struggles to meet basic needs to attend our classes. Thank you for choosing this option if you’re able to!

Supporter Drop-in : $18

Supporter 10-class Package: $150 (expires Dec. 31st)

Supporter Unlimited Monthly Membership $109 (auto-renew, expires Dec. 31st.)


* Sustainer Level – You align here if: you easily meet basic needs such as food and housing, have expendable income.

*Sustainers pay for the true cost of service.

Sustainer Drop-in: $15

Sustainer 10-class Package: $120 (expires Dec. 31st, 2020)

Sustainer Unlimited Monthly Membership: $89 (auto-renew, expires Dec. 31st, 2020)


Community Level – You align here if: you meet basic needs such as housing and food and are living paycheck to paycheck.

Community Level Drop-in: $10

Community Level 10-class Package: $90 (expires Dec. 31st, 2020)

Community Level Unlimited Monthly Membership: $69 (expires Dec. 31st, 2020)


 Scholarship Level – You align here if your aren’t currently meeting basic needs.


We offer daily donation based community classes and you’re welcome to attend for FREE. If you don’t see classes that meet your schedule and would like to attend other classes on our schedule, please contact Satya at 303-931-3603


Private Yoga Lessons

Private yoga sessions are recommended for brand new beginners and also for people who have injuries or specific needs. Call us if you have questions! 303-333-9642.
Rates for private sessions are:
$95 for a 60 minute session.
$239 for 3 60 minute sessions
$429 for 6 60 minute sessions

Gift Certificates

Buy a yoga class package or private yoga session package as a gift for someone you love!

Refund Policy:
Whole Yoga does not give refunds on drop ins, class packages, memberships or gift certificates. Under special circumstances expiration dates are extended. Packages/memberships are not transferable.

1735 E. 17th Ave.
Denver, 80218
1735 E. 17th Ave.
Denver, 80218

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