Meditation: Step One

Hello! So you’re thinking about meditation? You’re off to a good start, because “thinking” is what meditation is all about. Without our thoughts, who would we be? Certainly not ourselves, but perhaps a bit more relaxed! Truthfully, meditation is not about stopping thoughts or eliminating thoughts. When you look up the purpose of meditation in […]

​The Secret Mystery of your Breath

Breathing is free. Breathing has no side effects. Breathing affects us instantly…that is, when we remember to actively participate in our breath. It’s not in our nature to practice something that is already working for us. This is the secret mystery of the breath. It is both a voluntary and an involuntary system in our […]

Full Moon Meditation

Happy Equinox, everyone! A student just emailed me with this question: Do you have a suggestion for a guided meditation during the full moon? I am asking for one in the Shambhava yoga tradition. This is my answer: The Lunar energy is cooling, so it’s good for Pitta types. If you’re not so Pitta, do […]

Recharge Your Senses

I think of my senses and the input that all five of them endure on a daily basis. My ears hear sounds of traffic and various whining and humming that I’m probably not even aware of. My eyes view this bright screen for hours per day. My mouth, talks, talks, talks, and eats, eats, eats […]

Do You Zentangle?

Hope you’re enjoying the official summer! I’m in awe that the days are getting shorter now that the solstice has passed. Recently, while shopping at the craft store with my daughter for summer hobbies, I noticed a slew of books on Zentangle. I’d been hearing about it for years, and was finally lured into giving […]

Come Learn at Whole Yoga

  You are your own fortune cookie! I love that people are coming to Whole Yoga to learn more about and deepen their understandings of yoga and meditation. Josh McGirk was extraordinary while teaching his anatomy workshop this past weekend. Students told me they were entirely engaged and smiling ear to ear for 3 days […]