Asana Spotlight: Vrksasana – Tree Pose

Vrksasana – Tree Pose Bring Balance and Grounding to your practice with Vrksasana An excellent pose for both beginner and seasoned practitioner; Tree pose improves your balance, focus, and mental clarity. Feel free to use a wall, chair, or poll to steady yourself or practice in the center of the room. Yoga is about self […]

Whole Yoga Asana Spotlight: Sphinx Pose

Sphinx is a underrated pose that suitable for most yogis and a favorite of many instructors here at Whole Yoga. It is a beginning backbend in yoga that helps to open the chest, lungs, and low back. Benefits: Improves Blood Circulation. Aids in lengthening of the abdominal muscles, strengthens the spine, and firms the buttocks. […]

Mark’s thoughts on Asana

Asana;  Just what is it? The word asana originally meant a sitting position although traditional usage is specific to the practice of yoga.  For many, yoga postures and positions are practiced as physical exercise, while for others it is for potential health benefits.  Given all of this you could ask yourself; is asana the goal […]

Recharge Your Senses

I think of my senses and the input that all five of them endure on a daily basis. My ears hear sounds of traffic and various whining and humming that I’m probably not even aware of. My eyes view this bright screen for hours per day. My mouth, talks, talks, talks, and eats, eats, eats […]


I love the practice Surya Namaskara, it’s no secret. I know I’m not alone…my students love saluting the sun, too. They can pretty much count on noon class every Monday and Thursday at Whole Yoga consisting of some variations of Sun Salutes. I find this practice to be a reliable resource for transforming myself, and […]