Thoughts on Friendship and Impermanence

By Alicia Moore I was having brunch with an old friend last weekend, and we got to talking about friendship. I had recently lost a dear friend, and I was feeling inadequate. As we discussed the sad ending of this recent relationship I realized that I was no longer...

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My Yoga Story

By Alicia Moore We all have our own yoga story. You know, when we found our mats, why we walked through our first yoga studio door, or how we came to purchase our first Vinyasa tape or DVD. I've never really shared my yoga story. Sure, I've talked about teenage...

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Meditation: Step One

Hello! So you’re thinking about meditation? You’re off to a good start, because “thinking” is what meditation is all about. Without our thoughts, who would we be? Certainly not ourselves, but perhaps a bit more relaxed! Truthfully, meditation is not about stopping...

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How Yoga Helps Anxiety

More and more people are telling me about their anxiety lately. It’s certainly a buzz word today and I feel it, too! However, it’s an old familiar feeling to me. I’ve dealt with anxiety since my early 20’s and it’s actually what drew me to yoga, thanks anxiety! I see...

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Asana Spotlight: Vrksasana – Tree Pose

Vrksasana – Tree Pose Bring Balance and Grounding to your practice with Vrksasana An excellent pose for both beginner and seasoned practitioner; Tree pose improves your balance, focus, and mental clarity. Feel free to use a wall, chair, or poll to steady yourself or...

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